Rebecca. 20 . Sweden ~~~.
Kik : fightlessbird
Snap: smultronpajj
Anonymous asked: Maybe you do. At least you are in mine, I don't know if you count me in in your life but I'd like to


Uhm..have we met irl?

Anonymous asked: Why does that make you confused? :)


Cause I have nobody in my life who would write that anon on tumblr..

Anonymous asked: You think nobody is going to love you? There's someone who loves you without you even knowing it. And that person is me. I'd like to come off anon but you'd nerver believe me if I told you who I am. Love you a lot and take care you sweet sweet thing :*


Aw..that makes me mostly curious and confused though. Come off anon and make my day? Pls.

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